Construction Process

Proper process (steps) to start your Home Building Process Here on Prince Edward Island

Step by step guide to help you start the building process here on PEI, Canada.

1) First you will need a site assessment from a licence site assessors. We hold a PEI Site Assessors Licences so we can help you with that.  All you will need to do is email or call Stephen with your property number and we can  start this process.

2) After we complete the site assessment and you get your site categorized then we will then complete your sewer permit.   We will have to design your sewer specific to your site so that the building permit  can be issued.  We can handle all this for you just give us a call or email.

3) Once this is complete forward your home plans to us or if you have no plans…. no problem.  We can provide this to you too (note: you must have a least a size and number of bedrooms so that we can complete step #2)

4) Now we will take about 1-2 weeks and  and give you a Quote on your project.   Not an estimate (which is really a guess)  But a written Quotation of work to be completed!




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